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Rift: Off the Record 25: “3 Idiots Rifting”

PvP Dimensions are LIVE, BABY! Listen in to find out how YOU can create awesomeness, too! We also discuss the latest Rift-based Livestream Extravaganza which outlines some many-much-needed UI changes due out with Patch 2.7. Squeeing is involved. AND… Come hear the heroic, over-dramatic tale, full of SUSPENSE, DANGER, ACTION, & DRAMA of… 3 idiots […]

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RIFT: New Rogue Soul Revealed

Rift announced their new Rogue soul that will be coming in patch 2.7 today. The new soul will be the “Physician” and it will be a main healing focus for Rogues. Unlike the image that first pops into mind when hearing the term “Physician” these rogues are not going to be wandering around with a […]

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Shank’s Spiel: Uncovering My Destiny

Destiny was perhaps the most confounding puzzle I’ve had to solve in a while. Specifically, I wanted to figure out […]

The End of an Era – QGN News Team

As I sit down to write this my hands are slightly trembling. Not because of any sadness, but as a […]

Elder Scrolls Off the Record: Episode 120: Into The Future Feat. Nick Konkle

Lead Gameplay Designer, Nick Konkle, joins us to discuss last week’s major headlines from “The Future of ESO” panel and […]

Totally Heroes Episode 53: Tomodachi Life

Brian’s not dead this week! The Masterful Triumvirate gather to discuss hardware sales, software sales, and analyze the performance of […]

Shank’s Spiel: Last Gen Shackles

Admittedly, I spoke about this topic a few months back, but I find it necessary to revisit. In part, this […]

Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Lord of the Rings Online, RIFT Holding Firm in Top 10 MMOs On the Market

The Elder Scrolls Online is making $11,562,896.26 per month in subscriber fees alone. This is based on the fact that […]