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Rift: Off the Record 25: “3 Idiots Rifting”


PvP Dimensions are LIVE, BABY! Listen in to find out how YOU can create awesomeness, too! We also discuss the latest Rift-based Livestream Extravaganza which outlines some many-much-needed UI changes due out with Patch 2.7. Squeeing is involved. AND… Come hear the heroic, over-dramatic tale, full of SUSPENSE, DANGER, ACTION, & DRAMA of… 3 idiots […]

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RIFT: New Rogue Soul Revealed


Rift announced their new Rogue soul that will be coming in patch 2.7 today. The new soul will be the “Physician” and it will be a main healing focus for Rogues. Unlike the image that first pops into mind when hearing the term “Physician” these rogues are not going to be wandering around with a […]

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Press Release — A Fond Farewell to Middle Earth Network


Thursday, September 4th, 2014 As the Owner and Producer for The Quest Gaming Network, I would like to take this […]

Classic Elder Scrolls Night 20: Legends of the Akavir


In this episode, we meet Mark (our brand new show host for Classic) and Evarwyn travels to “The Pale Pass” […]

Elder Scrolls Off The Record: Episode 122: The Road To Update 4


Evarwyn, Liz and Rob are joined by the highly popular addon creator, Wykkyd! This week the crew discusses “The Road […]

Classic Elder Scrolls Night 19: Let’s Discover Cheydinhal!


This episode we welcome Mike as one of our new hosts to hit this series! As we roam around the […]

Elder Scrolls Off the Record: Episode 121: Welcome to Update 3!


This is the first week to feature our brand new cast members: Liz “Mistress Lebeau” and Rob “Rage Philosophy” along […]

Minecraft Off the Record: Episode 65: Keep on Building!


Fred and Page are joined by SoCHobbit and Dave “Dienforce” Adams for a week spent in game; ZZ was on […]