Episode 2 for The Walking Dead: Season Two

Telltale Games and Robert Kirkman, Eisner award winning creator and writer of The Walking Dead comic-book series published by Image Comics, have announced today that Episode 2 of The Walking Dead: Season Two is now available for PC / Mac and PlayStation 3 and will be available for Xbox 360 tomorrow, March 5th, and on iOS devices through the App Store on March 6th.

The second of five episodes, titled A House Divided, can be picked up through PlayStation Network in North America for PS3, the Telltale Online Store as well as other digital outlets, including Steam for PC and Mac, and from Xbox Games Store for Xbox 360. The release date for PlayStation 3 in European territories is yet to be confirmed.

With the premiere of The Walking Dead’s second season, players quickly learned the unique challenges of surviving in the zombie apocalypse as our 11 year old heroine thrust back into Robert Kirkman’s relentlessly unforgiving world ravaged by the undead

- Dan Connors, Co-Founder and CEO of Telltale Games

As players experience the second episode they will learn that safety is temporary, and the bonds of trust may not always be as strong as they seem. This episode also introduces the first true villain for the series, the mysterious ‘Carver,’ who is bent on tracking down Clementine and her new group of survivors at all costs.

The premiere episode of Season Two, All That Remains received praise from various sources. The New York Times called it, “Excellent,” and Buzzfeed said, “It’s a masterstroke by Telltale,” adding, “This is the real deal; a game for adults, not gamers, a game to share, a game to evangelize about, a game to cherish.” GameTrailers.com awarded the premiere with an Editor’s Choice 9 out of 10 rating and said that the episode, “…doesn’t waste a single minute. Telltale will make you feel scared, hopeful, shocked, and repulsed, only to have the next several scenes do the exact same thing.”  Nerdist.com said, “…it’s a home-run. Lighting, meet bottle – again.”

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