Elder Scrolls Off The Record: Episode 92: Elder Scrolls Online Release Date Reaction!

The date is set, and we have reaction as to what it all means! Sure, knowing when Elder Scrolls Online is coming out is exciting, but what are the implications surrounding the date they chose and could it have positive or negative impacts on the game as a result? We have detailed analysis you wont want to miss. Also, our lore master, Louis Olan, presents Part 3 and the final part of Faiths of Tamriel. We have your Dev Question of the Week, the Crafting Table Challenge and your emails as well! As an added bonus, this episode features a brand new intro and outro. Enjoy!

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Episode 92: Elder Scrolls Online Release Date Reaction!

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  1. RTEK December 13, 2013 at 2:01 am #

    You guys should do another new character to lvl 50 or 40 challenge on Skyrim again. I miss those episodes last year hearing you guys talk about your alts and your weeks play through

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